For Our Community's Health

Bringing You the Best in a New Era

Accessing food is an increasing challenge in the era of Covid-19, but it is at this time that the resilience of local agricultural systems is most essential.  We believe providing safe access to good food is part our our job.


Food Safety

As a commercial vegetable grower food safety and community health have always been a top priority for me.  Fox Briar Farm will continue and expand all the practices we know help keep you safe including: rigorous hand washing, regular sanitizing of all surfaces, harvest gear and vehicles, use of gloves and masks, and social distancing on the farm and in the process of getting you your food.  

As a grower I have been through multiple safety certifications, through the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and PSA (Produce Safety Alliance) trainings.  It doesn't hurt that I come from a family of microbiologists and virologists so awareness of these issues is second nature.  We are fortunate in Maryland to have a number of resources keeping growers informed on the best practices for food safety and a tremendous support system for implementing these systems.  We are in this together, and together we will make this work.




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