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Neighborhood Community Supported Agriculture

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CSA: Opening Hours

Announcing the
2023 Summer CSA

Welcome to a new and beautiful season! 

We are so excited to share the farm's bounty with our neighbors in Easton, Maryland for our fourth CSA season. 

We are finalizing details of the pick up but planning to hold them every THURSDAY afternoon at the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy in Easton from 4-6pm.  The season begins May 11 and ends August 17. That's 15 weeks of vegetables for $500. 

NEW THIS SEASON we are also offering our Lewes market customers a chance to join our CSA for a weekly curated selection of the most beautiful vegetables at market. Just pick up at the HLFM every Saturday, May 13 - August 19.​

CSA: Our Farm

How does the CSA work?

Basically, you invest a bit of your money and in return we curate a weekly selection of vegetables from our small farm.  Each pick up consists of 6-10 items. They are intended to generously feed a family of 4.

Your investment is vital to the sustainability of the farm.  You give us the capital and stability we need to get the season off to a healthy start.  December through March is when most of the money for the farm is spent on seeds, plants, organic soil amendments, repairs, and infrastructure improvement.  We literally couldn't do it without you.

The CSA pick-up gives us more than financial stability, and you more than just a weekly bag of vegetables.  It also gives us a village, one in which we are all rooted.

Once the season starts on May 11 all you have to do come find us at the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy each Thursday afternoon, or Saturdays at the Lewes Farmers Market, and pick up your vegetables.  You will also receive a weekly email with a list of what is in the share, along with some guidance in how to use it, and updates from the field. 

CSA: Text

From Our Customers

"Fox Briar’s CSA is the epitome of eating the seasons, and tasting the difference of a local, mindfully tended terroir. Each week is a treasure trove, with her fresh spring radishes, earthy summer beets, and sweet autumn carrots especially inspiring joy."


“This CSA delivery single-handedly pulled me out of a COVID despair spiral. Receiving beautiful, unusual, delicious vegetables each week has reinvigorated my cooking and helped me appreciate this extended time at home. It’s been a bright spot in my week, and a way to tap into creativity and inspiration.”


CSA: Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you join a CSA you are making a commitment to supporting a smaller scale, but local and resilient food system.  You invest upfront and in return receive a weekly supply of the freshest vegetables possible, harvested literally hours before you pick them up. CSA support is essential for many small farms because it gives us the capital and stability we need to start our season.

Is a CSA for me?

A CSA is a commitment not just to our farm, but to yourself and a lifestyle of preparing fresh, seasonal food almost every day.  This doesn't suit everyone's lifestyle.  If, however, you love to cook and experiment and learn some new things about your food, a CSA is a wonderful addition to your kitchen.  It is sized for a family so if you are in a 1-2 person household you might consider splitting your share with a friend. This is also a good idea if you tend to travel a lot in the summer.

Is your produce chemical free?

YES!  We don't use any synthetic chemicals at the farm.  Feeding the soil food web is at the core of our growing practices, so we only use organic compost and methods. We are always striving to bring the farm and the ecosystem into balance on our path toward abundance and quality.

What happens if I can't pick up a share?

If for some reason you can't make it to the pick up one week, this can be a great opportunity to share with your friends or neighbors and have them pick up instead!


Ready to join?

Check out our payment options below and select the plan that works for you. 

Prefer to pay offline?  Email and we will get you taken care of.  

CSA: Text
  • Full Season

    Pay for the full season in one go
    Valid for 4 months
    • May 10 - August 16
  • Installment Plan

    Every month
    $125 monthly charge + $10 service fee for 4 months
    Valid for 4 months
    • Be sure to select a start date for your payment at checkout
    • Start your plan now, or any month up until May 2023

CSA: PaidPlans
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