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Our Mission

A Better Way to Farm

We believe in the power of community scale, regenerative agriculture to benefit the earth and our society.  We grow naturally, without artificial pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We work on just under 1/2 an acre with intensive methods and appropriate technology to yield abundance from a small amount of land. By working with the land rather than against it we bring our community the freshest, highest quality, and most beautiful food available on the eastern shore of Maryland.


Our Story

Our Roots Grow Deep

Although we made the decision to start our own farm after our son's birth in 2014, the seed of Fox Briar was planted years prior. Kathleen Moss has worked in small scale agriculture for more than a decade, and with husband Daniel our combined farming experience totals more than seventeen growing seasons. Still, it was our desire to provide a natural life for our child that spurred us to begin our own vegetable operation. Beginning with a quarter acre in our back yard, we embraced the French micro-scale market gardening tradition, and urban farming models that provide high quality produce on low acreage. Now the infant who inspired Fox Briar Farm is an energetic toddler who happily plucks crisp carrots from the soil.